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When Worlds Collide

Rachel Sarah brings up something I never would have thought about. Glad she did first & shared:

Some of you have blogs online. Do your kids know about them? Have they ever read any of your posts?

Some of you comment regularly online, too. Certainly, your children have asked you — as you type away — “Mommy/Daddy, what are you doing?”

What do you say?

The deal with Mae these days is:

1. She gets to approve any photos — if she’s in one — before they go live, that’s a rule we’ve made.

2. She gets paid, too. (I’m not kidding. That business-minded girl wants at least a buck per photo. Although, as she says, “If you can’t really see me in the photo, it’s 50 cents.” I guess she is my assistant over here.)

Geez. By the time I have kids and they’re old enough to get online, I’ll have several years of activity they can read. How do you prepare for that?!

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Date Stacking

I had no idea Date Stacking even existed. Oh the things you’ll learn reading parent blogs!