War! What is it good for?

One of the reasons I started this blog is I’m reading and *gasp* enjoying mommy and daddy blogs. I find my self (dis)agreeing, and therefore have to write about it.

It’s interesting how Amy refers to herself as old school in excerpt below. I guess if/when I become a parent, I’ll be kickin’ old school as well:

When I visited Goodwill, I picked up a deck of cards for $.50 and have decided to begin teaching my son some of the games that were so fun for me when I was a kid. I thought I would share some of the games we tried and the rules for how to play them.

This game is guaranteed to last for centuries and was a great quiet game to keep him entertained while Emily napped. I used my popcorn popper and made us a batch of popcorn to be snacked on while we played.

We started with the game of, “War.” This is an excellent game to start with because it teaches young children card ranking. A good age for this game is between 4-12 and the only equipment you need is a deck of cards…and a little stamina.

For the record, I learned solitaire from my grandma (not bill gates). When grandpa was gone, she’d sit and play for hours. When we would visit, we’d play gin rummy.

Via Old School Momma Declares War | Blissfully Domestic


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